Recyclats A

Products from prepreg remnants: Milled fibres (with epoxy resin)

Recyclat A

Carbon short fibres (type HTS, thickness: 7 µm) coated with 35 - 40 % epoxy resin and made of homogeneous production remnants from the aircraft industry, so-called prepregs, by curing and milling to small pieces. Mean fibre length can be influenced by sieve perforation. A 4 mm -perforated sieve is usual and results in approx. 500 µm mean fibre length. The Recyclat A shows a very constant quality because of strictly monitored source material

Recyclats A

Physical properties:
Tensile strength of the fibres: 3950 MPa
Tensile modulus of elasticity of the fibres: 238 GPa
Density of the fibres: 1.5 - 1.6 g/cm³
Bulk density: approx. 0.3 g/cm³

Chemical properties:
Chemically neutral due to the cured constituents of the prepregs
Water-insoluble, insignificant moisture absorption

Sort of packing: 60 l -plastic-container
(returnable) (or plastic bag)
Filling weight: 20 kg
Delivery: pallet with 12 containers = 240 kg
(or 5 bags - cardboard, 2 on pallet)