Unidirectional warp cloths made of carbon fibre

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RTM-resin-injection-process Injectex G 1157 / EFP
Fibres HTA
Primer 5131
Yarn 6K
Weave plain
Epoxy resin-binder 5 % by weight (incl. primer)
Glass threads 4 % by weight (11 g/m²)
Thickness of the warp cloths 0,250 mm
Standard width of rolls 1270 mm
Areal weight of the warp cloths 291 g/m² (incl. binder + glass threads)
Areal weight of the fibres 270 g/m² (incl. glass threads)

Properties after curing with epoxy resin RTM 6:

  In warp direction In fill direction (90°)
Tensile strength 1970 MPa 67 MPa
Tensile modulus
of elasticity
136 GPa 9,4 GPa
Compressive strength 990 MPa 240 MPa